As the year (and the millennium, according to some) came to an end, our ace production staff was hard at work. The crew traveled to the exotic location of Gilroy, California where actors Erik Kelli and Diedre Cohen played a husband and wife learning how a web appliance could make life easier. Kelli, a Hollywood-based actor whose credits include "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman" and the upcoming series "L.A. Confidential", showed off the new techno-wizardry to his wife. Produced for a major chip manufacturer, Director Tom Castellano used a jib and wide-angle lens to capture the look sought by the client. The script was written by Eric Boyd, with Scott Cornfield on the second camera. Mark Dyer was the production assistant, Rose Hill the makeup artist and Chuck Majewski edited the piece.

Working on The Hard One. Sometimes you do need smoke and mirrors, and when Indy Pro was tabbed to produce a sales and instructional tape for Hard One Design Metals, that is literally what it took. The "Hard One", for those whose curiosity is running rampant, is the name of a self-suspending truck cover. Mysterious mood lighting was created using smoke machines and exotic lighting provided by a 3-ton lighting rig provided by Mark Wahl. Tom Castellano put in for double pay--working as director and director of photography. Not one to be left in the double dust, Eric Boyd opted for the writer/producer combo platter. Cara Freeberne who is involved in a major production of her own (see sidebar story) worked as a production assistant, as did Dave Seenyor. Chuck Majewski directed.

County and school stuff.

Medi-Cal and Step-wise. Medi-cal was produced in three languages (Eng., Span, Vietnamese) to educate the public about the program, who qualifies and how to apply. Boyd writer/producer. Cara edited. Tom and Cara shot. 5 minutes (shown in waiting rooms/clinics. After Effects and editing by Chuck.

Stepwise. County drug awareness program designed for pregnant women. Training for healthcare providers and those in the Justice System. Cara writer/producer. Cara/Chuck editor. Tom shot. Eric acted. Creative animations by Chuck.

Would you buy a used news story from this man? For their annual corporate dinner event, the automobile folks at the Smythe Dealership Group wanted to come up with something a bit out of the ordinary. The did. This year?s theme was a newscast spoof-- "Smythe News at Eight". Shot at Smythe dealerships throughout the South Bay, roving reporters covered news in the Smythe business world. The hi-jinks reached new lows as one of the news anchors had a bad hair day which got progressively worse throughout the newscast, until he bore an uncanny resemblance to Don King. Media make-up and hair guru Rose Hill worked her magic to deliver the hair-raising experience. The news set was built by Eric Boyd, with Scott Cornfield and Cara Freeberne running the studio cameras. Off-line editing was by Cara Freeberne and on-line editing by Chuck Majewski. Field camera work was by Tom Castellano with Brian Nelson of Smythe as the creative producer.

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